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What Is FuneralProvider

FuneralProvider is a quick and easy solution for comparing and selecting the right funeral home or cremation provider to serve your family. In a matter of seconds we provide you with profiles, pricing, and reviews of approved, reputable and caring funeral and cremation providers in your area. We offer a variety of funeral and cremation services, the differences between them and what the services include. With a click of a button all our providers will offer you their best price for the service you selected. You now have the opportunity to compare and select your provider based on what’s most important to you – Price, Location, and Reputation.

How It Works

How FuneralProvider Works

Enter Your Location

Enter your zip code or city to find approved certified funeral or cremation providers ready to serve you..

How FuneralProvider Works

Receive Offers

Select the funeral or cremation service that best suits your needs and receive offers from the providers offering their absolute lowest price..

How FuneralProvider Works

Guarantee Your Price

Accept an offer from the provider that best suits you and you will receive an email with our Certificate Of Guarantee, guaranteeing all your service selections and price..

Why Use FuneralProvider


What would take you days to research, we place it in front of you in a matter of a few clicks. We provide you with a list of approved funeral and cremation providers in your area. You can view their profile, their location and their best price..



All providers are aware our process allows you to receive and compare multiple offers at once. They will always offer you their absolute lowest price guaranteed and we show you the savings..


Only the best

All providers are interviewed and approved only after demonstrating full compliance and good standing with the states funeral service commission. Our providers must have been in operation a minimum of five years and take pride in offering dignified, quality funerals and cremations..